Posted: 2 months ago

Blueberry Seedling Nursery - Green Solutions to Invest GEL 27 million in Lagodekhi

Green Solutions Company plans to arrange a blueberry seedling plant and a refrigerator complex in the village of Shroma, Lagodekhi Municipality, the company founder Roman Chkhenkeli told BM.GE.

The company will implement the project in test regime and will include other cultures too.

“This year we are working on two major projects – a blueberry seedling nursery and a refrigerator complex. Investment value of both projects is GEL 2.7 million. The seedling nursery will be arranged in about 0.5-hectare hothouses to create ideal conditions, while the refrigerator complex will be arranged in another 0.5-hectare space. The last project was designed in Moldova. We plan to participate in the Agriculture Development program. If we are a success and produce high-quality seedlings, we will expand our nursery and add vine and fruit seedlings”, Roman Chkhenkeli noted.

The refrigerator complex will employ 10-15 persons on permanent basis, but on season, this number will rise to 30 persons, Roman Chkhenkeli pointed out.