Posted: 1 month ago

"Blauenstein Georgia" Starts Manufacturing Pork

Georgian-Swiss company "Blauenstein Georgia", has started producing pork.

According to the director of the company, "Blauenstein Georgia", Tatia Arabidze, the product has been sold quite successfully in the company's brand stores for 1 month already.

"This is the highest quality meat, a natural product. There is a big difference in taste properties with what is sold in the market today. Even consumers will see the difference. This is the category of meat that does not cover the masses.", Tatia Arabidze noted.

As she further mentioned, pork will be sold in the local market at the initial stage. Cooperation is planned with the HoReCa sector, as well as with all interested large markets or companies.

The company's future plans involve expanding its production.

The project is launched in the village Sori, and the price of investment amounts to 4 million GEL.