Posted: 1 month ago

Blauenstein Georgia Opens a Mobile Meat Shop in Tbilisi as well

Georgian-Swiss company "Blauenstein Georgia", a producer of meat, will open a mobile meat shop in Tbilisi after Ambrolauri.

The specialized machine is equipped with modern technology refrigerators, storage rooms, and equipment needed for staff. As Tatia Arabidze, the director of "Blauenstein Georgia" told "Business Partner", the company has already submitted an application for a permit to the Tbilisi City Hall.

"Negotiations with the municipality are coming to an end. The agreement has not been reached so far, but we hope it will be resolved positively, ”Arabidze said. According to him, the mobile store is located in Saburtalo.

A specific date is unknown when it will be opened in Tbilisi. Arabidze says it depends on the local government.

The company opened its first mobile store in August 2020 in Ambrolauri. The company says that the project was successful and worked quite successfully in Racha.

According to him, according to the company's decision, the mobile store operates in Racha during the summer season, in Tbilisi - for all seasons.

The company "Blauenstein Georgia" was founded in 2009 with Georgian-Swiss investment and invested 18 million GEL in the village of Shardometi in Racha.