Posted: 1 month ago

Black Tomato to Host Vacationers in a New Location Soon

The "Black Tomato" hostel located in Kutaisi, which was closed due to the pandemic, will host vacationers in a new location in the near future.
According to the founder of the "Black Tomato" hostel, Elene Zamtaradze, the hotel will combine seven private and two common rooms, a terrace, a yard, and a wine bar.

"The vintage-type hostel started receiving guests in April 2019. Our main segment was European visitors and that is why we had a very difficult time in 2020 with the onset of the pandemic. We had to stop operating since we could not cope with this challenge. After stabilizing the situation, we realized that "black tomatoes" could not disappear so easily, we did not give up and bought the building.

Our new location is 24 Gogebashvili street, Sapichkhia district. Now we are renovating the whole facility so that we can host our visitors by the end of the year."