Posted: 1 month ago

Black Sea Arena Starts Hosting Open-Air Concerts

The Black Sea Arena will host open-air concerts on the Front Stage, where one of the most popular French bands, L’Imperatrice, will perform for the first time.

"We decided to host a new stage for the artists whose music is most suited to the open space free environment, so the idea of ​​building a Front Stage in the Black Sea Arena yard was born," the official statement said.

A Black Sea Arena spokesman told Business Partner that the technical equipment available at the arena allows for flexible use so that the stage can be set up in the arena yard as needed.

"We did not need new equipment and no need for additional investment. The stage is usually set up a few days before the concert. As for the number of attendees, the yard can accommodate about 5,000 people," said a representative of the Black Sea Arena.

The French band L’Imperatrice was formed in 2012 and came to the attention of the world audience in 2018 after the release of their first album, Matahari. As part of the tour of the band's second album Tako Tsubo, L’Imperatrice is attending the biggest music events in the world, the band performed in front of the Coachella audience just a few days ago. Now Tako Tsubo will perform at the Front Stage on August 15 in the courtyard of L’Imperatrice Black Sea Arena as part of his tour.