Posted: 2 years ago

Best Western Hotel Opens in Likani

Near the Borjom-Kharagauli resort, new hotel opens in October 2020, which is part of Reserve Best Western Hotels & Resorts complex.

Investment price of the hotel, which contains 60 rooms, is $4 Million. Ltd Linda is the tenant of land and building of the hotel, which is owned by Davit Kakiashvili. Official representative of Best Western Hotels & Resorts, director of Capitol HPS, Gocha Jaiani noted, that this will be the first hotel of the network, which will be located in Borjomi-Likani area, and 8th hotel in the framework of Georgia. 

Followed by proceeding negotiations with international network of Best Western Hotels & Resorts, the company obtained the right to use the name of Best Western Plus.

In the last five years, the rate of developing mountain resorts increase has outpaced sea resorts development. This was positively depicted on an approximate annual index of hotel's and hostel's loading. Also, geography of guests is pretty increased and apart from post-soviet countries' citizens, number of European foreigners has risen. Tourism statistics of the country reflected Borjomi. This region is always interesting. Nowadays, partly loading of Borjomi is transposed in Bakuriani.", declares Davit Kakiashvili.

The architecture of the hotel repeats the concept of European hotels and simultaneously, promotes Georgian cuisine, eco cuisine, conference halls, spa complex, etc.

Approximate price of one room in Best Western Plus Likani Resort will be 80$.

Training will be performed for personnel by outstanding managers and specialists.