Posted: 1 week ago

Benjy Exports Production to the UK and Czech Republic

Benjy is a Georgian fruit alcoholic beverage brand that has been operating in the market for only a few years. The product is sold in Great Britain and the Czech Republic besides Georgia.

Benjy presented its alcoholic drinks on IWSC - International Wine and Spirits Competition, and became the winner among more than 4,000 drinks and 86 countries.

"The company has participated in various exhibitions. For instance, we have won gold medals in China. We became the winners of the competition held in London, which was a great success since our product was selected among many countries and drinks. In addition, we sell products in the UK and the Czech Republic. The negotiations are underway with Israel and EU countries.", noted the general manager of Benjy, Salome Alania.

Benjy's enterprise is located in Natakhtari and employs 57 people. The founders of the company initially invested $200,000. Apart from alcoholic drinks, the Georgian brand also manufactures chocolate.