Posted: 5 months ago

Beko’s Director on Increased Sales and Best-Selling Items in 2021

Despite the pandemic, Beko has exceeded the figures for the past year in terms of sales. According to Mehmet Melek, the increase in sales was due to reasonable prices and well-planned stock offers.

"We have completed 2021 quite well, not only in relation to 2020, but also in 2019 and 2018. Of course, this was at the expense of high quality and affordable prices of the products, as well as  good promotions and the opening of large facilities.

It should be noted that the pandemic has changed the types of best-selling items and had a  profound effect on consumer behavior. The kitchen appliances became best-sellers, especially with built-in and other types of gas stoves, large refrigerators and freezers, as stocking has become topical. During the quarantine, a large number of people learned to cook and bake," Melek said at BusinessPressNews.

The General Director of Beko Georgia says that this year is a jubilee and, among many other surprises, a lottery will be drawn for the customers.

"2022 is Beko's anniversary year in Georgia. We have been in the market for 25 years and we are planning large-scale promotions and events in this regard. We are going to make a lottery with the involvement of all Beko branches in Georgia. There will also be numerous surprises for our customers. We expect much better results this year than last," Mehmet Melek said.