Posted: 1 week ago

Beko CEO: International Network of Home Appliances is Planning to Enter Georgian Market

International brand of home appliances is interested in the Georgian market.

As Beko CEO Mehmet Melek told Business Partner, the international company has decided to open branches in Georgia.

The CEO of Beko did not elaborate on the details, however, noting that it will further increase competition in the market.

According to him, due to the demand, the equipment market in Georgia is growing by 5-10% annually. In 2022, if the epidemiological situation in the country is stable, the market will grow by 15-20%.

The CEO of the company says that at the moment there is quite a lot of activity on the part of the customer, the company’s revenues have exceeded the 2019 figures by about 24%.

At this stage, Beko has 73 branches throughout Georgia, cooperating with major retail chains such as Bricorama, Dimino, Gorgia and Zodi, as well as more than 40 online stores.