Posted: 5 months ago

Beeline to Ensure Transporting of Medical Staff of Two Hospitals

The company Beeline ensures the transport of medical staff of the "National Center for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease" and "Vakhtang Botchorishvili's Clinic".

In clinics, where patients infected with COVID-19 are treated, employees are transporting from the regions. Within the frameworks of the state of emergency, transporting service was annulled, so Beeline ensures the transferring of medical stuff with the rented transporting company.

After finishing the transportation, they disinfect the cars.


"Apart from taking care of our employees and users, we think, that is is crucial to make a contribution in fighting against coronavirus. When we became interested with the necessities of medical staff, it appeared that their transportation is an acute problem. We hope, that our contribution will relieve medical personnel, who are fighting selflessly for every citizen's health.", noted director general at Beeline, Andrzej Malinowski.