Posted: 1 week ago

Battery Storage Power Station to Build in Georgia

Georgian State Electrosystem does not rule out building of powerful hydro accumulating station and battery storage power station taking into account the forecasts of the future.

The construction of those types of stations puts on the agenda the replacement of internal combustion engine vehicles with battery electric vehicles.

"This replacement leads to an increase in consumption, and at the same time - a possible distortion of the quality of electricity. About 1 million vehicles are registered in Georgia. The capacity of a fast charger is 50 kW per electric vehicle, while the capacity of conventional chargers is 3,6 and 20 kW. During peak consumption hours, short-term but rapid increases in imports may be required. To prevent this, a powerful hydraulic accumulation station or a battery storage station may be built in the power system.", - is noted in the transmission network development plan.