Posted: 2 years ago

Banking Association of Georgia Sent Humanitarian Cargo to Ukraine

On behalf of the Banking Association of Georgia, in coordination with the Embassy of Ukraine in Tbilisi and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), a humanitarian cargo was sent to Ukraine to help Ukrainians.

The Georgian banking sector expresses solidarity with Ukrainian people and regarding this, it has taken a number of steps:

• Charity bank accounts have been opened for humanitarian purposes, the money of which will be transferred to Ukraine, as well as to the accounts of the International Committee of the Red Cross;

•Transfers to Ukraine for charitable and humanitarian purposes have become free at some banks and the banks will cover the transfer fee;

• Several banks provide a free service of international money transfers to Ukrainian citizens;

• Several banks have been actively engaged with a number of international organizations (International Committee of the Red Cross, etc.), governmental ("Enterprise Georgia") and private sector initiatives and have coordinated support for Ukraine.

• Through the joint efforts of the banking sector, humanitarian cargo was sent to Ukraine.

• At some ATMs of banks, the fee for withdrawing money when using Ukrainian bank cards has been removed.