Posted: 2 months ago

Bank of Georgia to Offer Special Platform for Supporting Businesses

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Bank of Georgia offers businesses a special platform for their support.

The information is spread by the Bank of Georgia.

As they define in the bank, many businesses had to move to another reality and stop their activity temporarily. For them to have less financial damage in their business, Bank of Georgia offers them new platform where they will be able to register and offer users their service or product. The consumer will be able to use the product when daily life will return to normal rhythm and businesses will continue their activities without gaps. The idea of the initiative is to support businesses today so that to be functional tomorrow. 

The platform gives an opportunity for the consumer to make a contribution to supporting local businesses by purchasing their product or service and also to use special sales. 

"Supporting businesses is vitally important for Bank of Georgia. When businesses need the support the most, we want to give them opportunities and new alternatives, to continue their activities. COVID-19 is our enemy, which has an impact on everyone's life. we need a shared effort to overcome this virus together. Now, we have the chance to make a contribution to the common field, so as to visit our favorite places in the future and have a wishful service. Together everything is possible. We can save businesses together.", declared general director of Bank of Georgia, Archil Gachechiladze.

The initiative belongs to the founder of Instagram. It was created in San Francisco, but the platform is available for every business.