Posted: 4 weeks ago

Bakuriani Launches New Fruit-Flavored Natural Mineral Water

IDS Borjomi Georgia is expanding the "Bakuriani" portfolio by venturing into the flavored water segment, introducing a healthier, fruit-infused alternative to the Georgian market.

Bakuriani's latest offering combines the pristine natural mineral water from the Bakuriani mountains with a splash of natural fruit juice, offering a low-sugar beverage option. Available in three invigorating flavors - zesty lemon, crisp green apple, and succulent peach - this new line is packaged in convenient 0.5-liter PET bottles. Embracing the ethos "When you love and care," Bakuriani emphasizes its commitment to natural ingredients, ensuring no artificial colors or flavors are added, and maintaining a lower sugar and calorie content compared to conventional sweetened drinks.

In Georgia, unlike in Western markets, the flavored water category is still burgeoning. However, as health-conscious choices gain momentum, the demand for such innovative products is on the rise. Bakuriani aims to set a new standard with this launch, catering to the growing appetite for healthier hydration options.

Irina Keidia, Head of Marketing at IDS Borjomi Tbilisi, shared insights into the development process, "In a market flooded with sugary beverages, consumers are increasingly seeking healthier alternatives. This inspired the creation of Bakuriani fruit-flavored water, which boasts less sugar and fewer calories. A key focus was the careful selection of natural ingredients to complement the taste profile. The result is a unique blend of Bakuriani mineral water and real fruit juice, offering a deliciously refreshing drinking experience." Ani Choghoshvili, the company's designer, was behind the vibrant packaging design, which features a graphic representation of the three fruit flavors, resulting in a modern and appealing label that mirrors the product's natural and flavorful essence.

The brand's communication campaign, crafted by advertising agency "Metro Production," is set to introduce the product to a wider audience through an upcoming television commercial.

Produced at Borjomi's Bottling Plant N2, Bakuriani's fruit-flavored water is now available across Georgia, inviting everyone to indulge in a fresh, natural taste sensation.