Posted: 1 month ago

BAG Discusses Matters of the Need to Reopen the Economy from February 1st

BAG discusses the matters of the necessity to reopen the economy from February 1st. 

"We, the whole country, every citizen, and every business worked in the terms of COVID-19 during the last whole year. Taking into account the recommendations, advice, needs of our healthcare system, we understand that we should continue living likewise from February too, however, without any lockdown, and restrictions. The first of February of 2021 is the date, after which we need to adjust the agenda due to economical needs, and tough challenges.

Of course, the measures which are needed to control the outbreak of the virus must remain unchanged, including the limited amount of customers, wearing face masks and maintaining a social distance, and anything else that epidemiologists, an economical team of government and business will agree on.

However, the decision to reopen the economy and lift the restrictions in different fields should be one-valued, scrupulous, and irreversible. This is the only way with which we can overcome the economic crisis caused by pandemic.", declared the president of Business Association of Georgia, Soso Pkhakadze.