Posted: 3 years ago

B COM - New Space for Business Community

TBC Business creates a new space for business community. B COM is a business communication platform that offers a variety of benefits to its affiliated businesses. B COM will contribute to business clients in business creation and development.

B COM members will be able to attend practical training and lectures from field experts to get familiar with the news in business field and participate in regional forums. Platform members will also benefit from the special offers relevant to their businesses.

In order to become a member of B COM it is necessary to order a specially created business package: Fix, Agro or Life. Their subscription can be a fixed price, and after business membership, businessmakers will receive all bank products that require daily operations.

For example, by subscribing to the FIX team, for 10 fixed(physical persons) or 20 GEL a month (for legal entities), the businesslines will receive the following products:

  • Business card;
  • Cash withdrawal at the ATMs of TBC and partner banks without a commission;
  • Unlimited and free transfers across Georgia
  • Free Digi-Pas application, SMS service and InternetBank;

The aim of B COM is to create a business ecosystem, where necessary instruments will be available for business development, club members will get acquainted with various businesses operating in Georgia and will have the opportunity to establish contacts with them.