Posted: 1 year ago

Anaklia Seaport will Become Useless Project if Railroad and Motorway are not Built in Time

“Based on today’s schedules, we can say definitely that Anaklia seaport will be able to receive big ships by 2021”, Anaklia City director general Keti Bochorishvili told Business Morning TV program. 

Railroad and motorway must be completed in time to ensure valuable operation of the seaport, Keti Bochorishvili added.

“Very simply we may become or not become a transit country; everything depends on whether corresponding infrastructure will be developed. Asian Development Bank has named this project as a very important one for not only Georgia, but the whole Region.

The consortium has already invested about 70 million USD. Additional works are required for starting fundamental works. We have conducted several tenders and we will name a general contractor company in the near future, which will be responsible for completion and delivery of the seaport;

Everything follows the schedule and there no frustrations. Based on today’s schedule, we can say definitely that the seaport will be able to receive big ships by 2021, however, there are other details too and these details will be resolved after the May 21 meeting. 
Railroad and motorway represent decisive factors. The seaport will become a useless project if they are not built in time. We will talk about everything and I am sure we will achieve agreement”, Bochorishvili noted.

We remind you that Vice Prime Minister Maia Tskitishvili will meet four international finance institutions on May 21 to discuss the requirements by international investors.

Representatives of EBRD, OPIC, ADB and AIIB will take part in the meeting.