Posted: 2 weeks ago

"Amboli" and "Arttime" Ordered to Fulfill Consumer Obligations - GCCA

The Georgian Competition and Consumer Protection Agency (GCCA) has signed conditional obligation agreements with "Amboli" LLC and "Arttime" LLC in favor of the consumer.

"Amboli" LLC operates in the auto products and car service market, while "Arttime" LLC is active in the trade sector of accessories and watches.

Under the agreement between the GCCA and the traders, the companies were instructed to:

  1. Correct the internal policies of the company and provide customers with clear, comprehensive, and complete information in the Georgian language as defined by law.
  2. Post the necessary information for users both on-site and on their official websites: and
  3. Ensure that the sale price of goods is indicated in a clear and understandable form.
  4. Establish clear warranty conditions in accordance with the law.
  5. Develop the conditions for rejecting distance contracts and the procedure for introducing these conditions to users.

According to the GCCA's decision, traders were given a specific period to correct their trade policies and restore the allegedly violated rights of consumers.

For context: In the first six months of 2024, 407 applications were registered regarding consumer rights protection. In 84 cases, violations affecting consumer groups were confirmed, resulting in 38 documented violations. Additionally, 77 agreements on conditional commitments were signed in 67 cases. Furthermore, 21 traders were fined for non-fulfillment of obligations imposed by the GCCA.