Posted: 1 week ago

Ambitious Plans and Local Content of Rakuten Viber in Georgia

Rakuten Viber has been in Georgia for the fifth month and shares analytics for the most popular functions, news and plans. 

Viber Georgia is an extension of Viber’s offices as the company continues to expand. The Georgian team of Rakuten Viber is focused on the development of mobile app, employees their work in iOS and Android development, software quality assurance, and talent acquisition, among other disciplines.  

Rakuten Viber in Georgia plans to grow the team in the near future in Georgia with the same strategy as in other locations – to attract top talent and provide them with a family-like working environment. All vacancies are presented on the brand's career website.

Viber is one of the popular VoIP platforms in Georgia, with a significant user base - 1.7 million monthly active users out of the country's total population of 3.7 million.

Viber most popular features in Georgia are:

  • Messages - 93%*
  • Calls 72%
  • Stickers 38%
  • GIFs 36%
  • Group chats 25%

* % from total MAU in the country

The company has various plans in Georgia, including: strengthening of the technological field in Georgia, cooperation with different companies in the local market and implementation of unique, innovative projects with them.

Rakuten Viber received the status of an international company in Georgia. This is a program of the Government of Georgia to attract technology companies operating on a global scale.

Viber has a channel for users from Georgia. It is in Georgian. It's named Viber საქართველ. It contains global news about Viber functions, local Lenses, sticker packs, fun posts, etc - all that can be useful for Viber users in every country. This channel is led with the help of the local team.   

During the year, for some occasions (holidays, important events, the beginning of a new season - for example, autumn, winter, etc.), Viber launches and will continue to launch localized AR lenses and sticker packs in Georgian for the Georgian audience.