Posted: 4 years ago

Ambassador of Italy: It is Easier to Start Business in Georgia than to Expand it

It is easier in Georgia to start business than to expand it, Italian ambassador in Georgia Antonio Enrico Bartoli noted and outlined the measures that Georgia should take to improve the business climate. 

„I believe that economy of Georgia is developed based on fundamental principles. The country provides good market conditions. External debts have declined, inflation rate has decreased. Poverty remains a genuine problem, anyway the situation was improved over the past 20 years in this respect. The country has been carrying out important reforms. Now the mentioned directions should be implemented in practice, including as part of deep and comprehensive free trade agreement with EU. You should identify due products to focus on in reasonable timeframes.

As to long-term steps, they should be carried out by the government to make the country more attractive for investors: political stability, court system efficiency, institutional stability, democracy. All reforms will bring reliability and safety guarantees for potential investors, including capital market development and pensions system reformation, insolvency reform – all these components are very important for investors. It is easier to start business in Georgia than to expand it. Tourism is the most perspective sector and all citizens have equal opportunities to make contribution to and receive revenues. Tourism is a guarantee for inclusive growth for Georgia”, the Italian Ambassador noted.