Posted: 1 month ago

Alphabet-shaped Cottages and Galleries - the Tourist Center of the Georgian Alphabet

Creating a new tourist center in the form of a map of Georgia, consisting of the letters of the Georgian alphabet, belongs to the architectural company Artitex. The author of the idea, Daduna Shatashvili mentioned with Commersant, that this is the project, which enables the foreign tourist to be acquainted with the Georgian alphabet. The construction of each letter is designed as the space of the hotel room, it will serve as a cottage. 


The letters of the alphabet are distributed to the imitated contour of the map of Georgia. The tourist center is 10,000 square meters.

"As Adjara, Kartli, Kakheti, and other regions are separated from each other, so are the paths in this tourist center.

We are oriented on Georgian history and Georgian script. Until now, nobody has ever made buildings of the Georgian unique alphabet. On the facades, which can be both a gallery and a commercial space, we want these letters to be history. For this, we used the fragments mainly from Abkhazian temples and cultural heritage monuments."