Posted: 1 month ago

All Hotels in Georgia Halve Tariffs

"I confirm that in Georgia, all hotels have nearly halved the service tariffs, Shalva Alaverdashvili, founder of the Federation of Hotels and Restaurants," told InterPressNews.

The Hotels met the domestic tourism restart on June 15 with lower tariffs, and some of the 5-star hotels offer suites for 50 GEL a day, he noted.

“I confirm that hotels have almost halved prices in Georgia. Abastumani is the only location where prices have increased. Batumi has never seen such cheapness. Local hotels are opening in stages. However, primary demand is registered for apartments and cottages. People feel safer there, staying away from others and regulations”, Alaverdashvili noted.

As for the number of hotels, as noted by Shalva Alaverdashvili, Tbilisi-based hotels have not opened, and only 15% of Georgia-based hotels have resumed operation.

The current year is the year of survival for hotels, Alaverdashvili continued.

“Nobody expects profits this year. This will be the year of survival. Businesses must survive. To say openly, those who open doors and maintain hotels, they are heroes in this situation, and we can say they will save businesses,” Shalva Alaverdashvili noted.

As reported on June 15, the domestic tourism industry was opened. A total of 939 hotels had applied for the business restart, and 150 were found satisfying the government requirements.