Posted: 1 year ago

AK Air Georgia Plans to Develop Technical Service Enterprise

AK Air Georgia, working on domestic flights, is planning to develop a self-funding technical service enterprise.

According to Irina Mghebrishvili, the financial and administrative manager of AK Air Georgia, the issue has been in the company for the last few years and it is planned to improve the material and technical base, add work hangars and purchase various technical means.

"We planned to start this project earlier, however, the pandemic hindered us. Technical service enterprise includes many such technical means, the purchase of which is quite financially capacious, which can be an additional expenditure for the company."

Currently, AK Air Georgia already owns a technical service enterprise with which it offers services to its own aircraft. The enterprise has passed the certification process stipulated by the association agreement with Europe, it also holds the PART145 technical service enterprise certificate.

As the company says, in order to be able to provide services to other airlines, it is necessary to make additional investments. The estimated investment volume ranges from 500 thousand to one million dollars.