Posted: 1 week ago

Aicar: We Have no Competition with Public Transport. We Maintained 70% of Clients amid Pandemic

“The company suspended operation amid the nationwide quarantine. When companies and educational facilities moved to a distance working regime and the tourist's inflows declined, our rentals almost halved”, Aicar director Giorgi Khuroshvili told the Commersant.

25-30% of Aicar clients were tourists. Consequently, the tourism industry slowdown has affected Aicar business too in due proportions. Nonetheless, the company has not increased service prices, he noted. Before the pandemic, 70-75% of clients were Georgian citizens and only 25-30% were foreign visitors. The company planned to enter Kutaisi too, but the pandemic frustrated the plans.

“At this stage, Aicar runs in Tbilisi and Batumi. We planned to enter Kutaisi too, but the issue was suspended amid the pandemic, Giorgi Khuroshvili noted.

Aicar is a separate segment and has no competition interest with taxis and other public transports. As for future plans, the social-economic trends at the end of 2020 will outline reality, Giorgi Khuroshvili noted. Aicar company appeared on the market in April 2019 to offer car sharing services to customers. At this stage, the company holds 150 electric cars in Tbilisi and Batumi.