Posted: 8 months ago

AI and Blockchain Youth Center to Open in Rustavi

The Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Youth Center will open in Rustavi. Rustavi Innovations Hub jointly with Dutch company Effect AI has been implementing the project. The Hub director Revaz Barbakadze told BM.Ge that the center is expected to launch operation in late January 2020.

“The AI and Blockchain Center will launch operation in a small office, where special equipment will be installed. Initially, about 10 young persons will engage in the project, who will learn working with AI and blockchain and receive certain incomes. Objective of this project is to employ domestic young people. They will receive knowledge and have the opportunity to work in Georgia. In this way we can narrow migration process.. Blockchain technology allows to fulfill any job from your own place without leaving a country or city”, Revaz Barbakadze said.

Number of young people engaged in the center may increase several times for a year, he added.

The Innovation Hub and Effect AI will spend 10 000-10 000 USD each, while Rustavi municipality will allocate a required space, he explained.

‘We have obtained UNDP grant to rehabilitate and equip this center. The Dutch company will also invest certain resources. As to peculiarities of the project, later we will divulge what tasks the center will resolve. The project aims to transform Rustavi into an innovation city”, Revaz Barbakadze said.