Posted: 2 weeks ago

Agrosphere Awards Scholarships to Six More Agrarian University Students

For the third consecutive year, Agrosphere, the largest importer of innovative agricultural products and machinery, continues to support the professional development of young people through various educational programs.

One such initiative is the scholarship program, which awards scholarships to high-achieving third and fourth-year students of the Georgian Agrarian University, helping them deepen their theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience.

In the first year of the scholarship program, Agrosphere awarded scholarships to four students—one more than originally planned. In the second year, three students received scholarships, and this year the company has doubled that number. As a result of the competition, two students each were selected from the agronomy, viticulture-viticulture, and mechanical engineering programs.

"We saw that the scholarships we provided serve as excellent motivation for students, which was one of our main goals from the beginning. To inspire even more young people and train professional staff, we decided to double the number of scholarships this year. We are delighted that student interest in the program is increasing. It is even more gratifying that we can be part of their success," says Mariam Merabishvili, head of the #Agrarium at the Agrosphere Training Center.

In addition to the scholarship program, Agrosphere implements a practice-internship program, offering scholarship recipients and other interested young people the opportunity to gain practical experience in various agricultural fields for several months.

"As in previous years, this year the company is ready to host 10-15 active and motivated students. The program includes practice and internship at the company's bases in various directions, fully covering the field of agriculture. We believe this is a great opportunity for students, as hands-on practice and direct contact with the field provide invaluable experience," Mariam Merabishvili told us.

At Agrosphere, promoting young people interested in the agricultural field is one of the company's main priorities. As such, these educational programs have a sustainable character, with plans for continued implementation in the coming years.

"We are highly motivated to continue this tradition, equipped with new ideas and enthusiasm. The biggest motivation and desire of the company—and me personally, as a passionate supporter of young people—was to make the scholarship and internship program sustainable, long-term, productive, and beneficial for the development of the agricultural sector. Based on our observations and the feedback from the students involved in the program, I can confidently say that the project has been a resounding success," says Mariam Merabishvili.