Posted: 1 year ago

Adjara Trading Group Plans to Export Citrus to Uzbekistan

This year, the "Adjara Trading Group" citrus exporter intends to export its goods to Uzbekistan. As stated by the company's founder Kakha Shavadze, a contract will be signed with them shortly.

"Last year, our partners managed and got the right to import about 200 tons to Uzbekistan, but then I refused to export because the quality was bad and I could not provide the quality that I promised. We plan to enter this market this year. So far, there are delays on the part of Uzbekistan regarding phytosanitary documentation. Everything is fine from our side. The Uzbekistan market is quite a good market. I think we should fight for the preservation and development of any market, but our company's strategy is to enter the European market", said Kakha Shavadze.

As for the challenges, in his opinion, the main problem is still the quality of the products.

Unfortunately, this year's harvest is practically half of last year's, but the quality index is not so bad, although quality remains a problem - improper care of the gardens. Farmers need serious help in this," he said.

As for oranges, Kakha Shavadze said that their export potential is less because Georgian oranges cannot compete with Greek and Turkish oranges.