Posted: 4 years ago

Adjara Textile Remodels Production Line to Launch Facemasks Production

“Today our company will start production of facemasks”, Adjara Textile financial director Gia Lominadze told BM.Ge.

Initially, the company will produce 500 000 facemasks, but the quantity may increase, Gia Lominadze noted.

Adjara Textile Company has remodelled its production line and launched production of facemasks.

As for the first batch of facemasks of 50-100 thousand units, they may be transmitted to the Economy Ministry starting Friday to manage these reserves”, Gia Lominadze pointed out.

As noted by the Adjara Textile financial director, the company will allocate 300 000 GEL for production of 500 000 units of reusable facemasks and these products will be transmitted to the Government free of charge.