Posted: 10 months ago

Adjara Group Launched New Website

Adjara Group has launched a new website -, which contains full information about current Adjara Group projects and activities. Through, users will regularly find out about company news.

In addition to company-related information, offers information on Adjara Group projects and facilities, whether it's hotels, restaurants or other services.

The new website also provides information on one of the priority directions of the company - agriculture -company's initiatives in the field of agriculture.

This is the “project desert” implemented in Kakheti, covering 4000 hectares, of which 2000 hectares of almond plantations have already been successfully cultivated. The project will also include berry gardens and endemic vines. This project, together with the local population, is focused on the development of regional tourism in Georgia.

It's noteworthy, Adjara Groups's projects in the field of agriculture, greenhouse and domestic vertical farming project located in the hotel ''Stamba'', and are managed with eco-friendly technologies and reinforce the company's ''farm to table'' concept.

Along with comprehensive information on the company, its facilities and projects, the new website provides information about the Adjara Arch Group and its members behind the Adjara Group's architectural projects and design. is currently available in English, but work has already begun on the Georgian part of the site, which users will soon see.