Posted: 3 years ago

A New Pharmaceutical Enterprise Opens in Georgia

In Georgia, a new pharmaceutical enterprise Geo Organics, LLC. began operating.

The company is planning to produce Georgian pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The enterprise was constructed and equipped with high-tech facilities with the help of Middle Seas Capital’s investment.

According to the founder of Middle Seas Capital, Ucha Mamatsashvili, the company built its enterprise following GMP standards and international requirements. As he has stated: “all the investments of Middle Seas Capital are focused on the quality and innovations.

People who are working here will constantly experience professional growth, thanks to the foreign specialists who will take care of this”. According to the CEO of Geo Organics, Irakli Megrelishvili, the company’s products go through quality control testing at every stage of their manufacturing.

“At every stage of manufacturing, our products are being tested for quality. The enterprise is equipped with the most advanced and modern technology, and Italian engineers supervise its work. In the nearest future, we are planning to build a laboratory that will correspond to international standards. This will enable us to produce different cosmetic products”, says Megrelishvili. According to Geo Organics, it will become the first company in the country to produce Georgian biologically active supplements and certified cosmetic products. Company will export them to different countries around the world.