Posted: 2 months ago

6 Million Lari to be Accumulated in StopCov Fund - Business Ombudsman

StopCov fund is created by the government to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. As business ombudsman - Mikheil Daushvili declared, accumulated money will be mobilized in order to be allocated according to priorities.

"Firstly, several citizens and businessmen offered to make financial contributions. Thus, we decided to create the fund, in which their contribution could be accumulated and existed needs supported. 

According to the data of yesterday evening, already 6 million Lari is mobilized in the fund. This confirms, that our citizens are extremely responsible and they passionately participate in the process of fighting the virus.", noted Mikheil Daushvili.

The first and main category is to fulfill the needs of vulnerable groups. Many addressed to us and offered that they would finance different projects. So as to not maintain these offers and contributions misdirectly, according to Mikheil, they decided to create a centralized fund.