Posted: 2 years ago

100 million investment to Implement in Tsalka Canyon

For the first time in Georgia, private international investment is implemented in the protected area - Tsalka Canyon, which involves the arrangement of the most diverse ecotourism space.

According to the Agency of Protected Areas, the project is launched by Jewish company KASS LAND. The investment amounts to 120 million GEL. Construction works are near completion.

According to the project, a unique, 240-meter-long glass bridge over the canyon will be set up with a hanging glass cafe bar, from where an impressive view will unfold.

In addition to the unique design, the engineering part was noteworthy, in the design of which, together with local specialists, international experts were involved. Ecotourism trails, visitor centers, hotels, swimming pools, infrastructure for music, and other cultural events will be built in the surrounding area.

"Despite the current circumstances occurred by pandemic, the arrangement of ecotourism infrastructure in Tsalka Canyon has not been suspended for a single day. The investment price amount of the project is increased by 30 million GEL and amounted to 120 million, which once again proves its importance and uniqueness. The success of the project will definitely contribute to attracting investments and increasing the tourism potential.", noted Valerian Mchedlidze, chairman of the Agency of Protected Areas.

The director of Kass Land, Ekaterine Todria also agreed and declared, that this project is unique and its construction works do not damage the environment and do not change its original appearance.

"Current works on Tsalka Canyon will be completed soon. This will be a main attractive center, which will promote the canyon both for local and international tourists.", noted Ekaterine Todria.