Posted: 5 years ago

$10 million Invested in JIMSHER Whisky Plant Construction

The construction of JIMSHER whisky plant has been finished in Martkopi. The company founder Jimi Chkhaidze told BM.GE that the plant is being equipped with special technologies and then the plant will launch production.

Cutting-edge equipment from Czech Republic, Germany and Italy will be installed at the Plant.

The construction works started in 2018 and total investment value made up 10 million USD.

The first Georgian whisky brand of JIMSHER appeared on the market in March 2017 with 5% lower prices compared to foreign analogues.

At this stage, the company bottles four varieties of whisky – Traditional, Barrel Saperavi, Georgian Brandy in Barrel, Single malt and Distilled in Tsinandali Barrel.

The company exports whisky to China, Kazakhstan and Poland. Starting August JIMSHER will go to the USA, namely, the state of TEXAS.