Posted: 2 years ago

"The Country is Shifting to High-Tech Agriculture" - TBC

Giorgi Darchiashvili, deputy head of TBC's corporate and investment banking sector, told Forbes Weekly, "The country is shifting to high-tech agriculture."

According to him, it is important for the bank to issue loans in the field of agro, and the financial institution is also financing new directions in agriculture today.

"Agro direction is one of the strategic directions for TBC; The direction of winemaking is also considered here. In addition to the traditional fields, which have historically been strengthened in Georgia in the field of agro - wine, nuts, etc., we are also actively financing other non-traditional and innovative sectors. Almond, blueberry, pistachio orchards are very popular. This trend is evolving well and growing. Most importantly, the country is shifting to high-tech agriculture, which is critical to maintaining profitability," Darchiashvili said.