Posted: 1 month ago

Tech Community Gathers for AWS User Group Event Supported by TBC and Space International

The AWS User Group recently hosted a technology-focused gathering in Tbilisi, with the backing of TBC and Space International. The event, spotlighting cutting-edge developments such as platform engineering, generative AI, and AWS Direct Connect, provided attendees with insights into the application of advanced tech in leading organizations.

This Tech Commune meeting, the second of its kind sponsored by TBC, facilitated a deep dive into the benefits and practical applications of various technological solutions. Participants had the opportunity to engage directly with tech experts, gaining firsthand knowledge and asking questions during hands-on workshops.

Moreover, the event served as a networking platform for tech professionals, offering them a chance to connect with peers and learn about the latest trends in cloud technology, infrastructure coding, and container orchestration. Workshops were conducted across three specific themes:

Platform Engineering: Discussions revolved around agile software delivery and ways to enhance the software lifecycle. Generative AI: Comprehensive sessions on Generative AI explored its potential uses and impact on the sector. AWS Direct Connect: An interactive workshop deepened participants' understanding of managing AWS Direct Connect links between data centers and cloud infrastructure. The collaboration between AWS User Group, TBC, and Space International reflects their mutual commitment to technological advancement and innovation support. These organizations are keen on fostering educational events that elevate the tech community's learning and development.