Posted: 2 years ago

TBC Partnered with Kong - World's Leading Cloud Services Provider

TBC is a partner of Kong, the world's leading cloud services company. From now on, the American company will be involved in the process of improving the TBC API-ecosystem and will use its powerful technological resources, expert knowledge and international experience to further simplify the daily life of TBC users.

The introduction of the Kong platform is part of TBC's technological transformation. Under the agreement, the company will offer TBC API Gateway - a platform - in addition to migrating to the new platform, Kong will provide consulting services to TBC and will be actively involved in improving the API ecosystem and staff training.

As a result of the partnership, TBC's digital service delivery mechanisms will be further refined, which will change the lives of the company's developers and customers for the better. Kong's API Manager platform is an important tool both for TBC to offer the best experience for the company's customers, as well as to minimize the time required to launch new products. The API Manager will enable TBC teams to manage products independently of others, in a completely decentralized manner, to create a more efficient and tailored product, and to simplify their daily lives.

Kong International Tech is a leading American company in the market. Kong runs both software and management services that connect intelligently to APIs and microservices such as the cloud, Kubernetes, and datacenters. Kong's service connectivity platform enables digital innovation - organizations can manage the full range of APIs and services needed for modern architectures reliably and securely.