Posted: 1 year ago

TBC Emerges as the Leading Sponsor for International Tech Conference CHANGE INSPIRE

The international technology conference, CHANGE INSPIRE, scheduled to take place in Tbilisi on July 7th, has declared TBC as its primary supporter. Organized by HT Solutions, the conference is designed to stimulate the technological community to emerge as change leaders.

Initiated in 2018, the conference has brought together IT managers, engineers, and heads of IT departments from various companies, fostering a platform for the sharing of the latest technological advancements. This year, the conference will host 500 attendees. Prominent local and international speakers will focus their discussions on four pivotal themes: digital transformation, cyber security, Big Data, and DevOps.

Being a tech firm itself, TBC will be participating in the conference as a Game Changer Partner. The firm will feature its own dedicated space, where TBC's tech team will divulge their DevOps experiences to a group of 200 professionals. This space will primarily cater to technology enthusiasts, offering technical insights particularly surrounding the area of DevOps.

Bidzina Matsaberidze, TBC's Director of Information Technology Management, will be inaugurating the event with a welcome speech.

"Currently, TBC is undergoing a significant and exciting technological transformation. Our robust team, which includes several remote-working international professionals, is one of the finest in the industry. This is the perfect time to be a part of the TBC technology team, where you can gain invaluable experience working with professionals and directly involving or participating in processes," said Matsaberidze.

The conference will also feature other leaders from TBC on its stage. Attendees will hear from Giga Shubitidze, leader of TBC's SDLC team of experts, about the ongoing technological processes at TBC. Yuriy Semenikhin, Deputy Director of Information Management of TBC, will shed light on TBC's direction in the area of DevOps. Later, a DevOps workshop will be hosted by TBC tech professionals Sandro Kvaichadze, Mate Gogiberidze, and Giorgi Katcharava, who will share their knowledge and best practices concerning DevOps technologies.

CHANGE INSPIRE conference promises to be a crucial event for technology enthusiasts, bolstered by TBC's enthusiastic participation and support.