Posted: 2 years ago

TBC Earns $10 Million from the Development of Digital Ecosystem

The recent development of the digital ecosystem is one of the main priorities of Georgian banks.

The business partner was interested in the revenue of TBC's digital ecosystems.

According to the bank's annual report, the total revenue from TBC's electronic platforms in 2019 was 10 million GEL.

More specifically, the annual income of the real estate platform Livo was 2.5 million GEL, but here there is a contribution of 2.2 million TB for real estate appraisal.

Myhome's annual revenue was $ 1.4 million, with Vendoo earning $ 2.4 million and Mymarket $ 1.2 million.

Among the group's platforms is Myauto & Myparts. Revenue from this platform was $ 2.5 million.

TBC plans to be active in the development of digital ecosystems and also considers making additional investments in the development of these platforms.