Posted: 2 weeks ago

TBC Asset Management Fully Allocates 30 Million Shares in Georgia's First Credit Fund

TBC Asset Management, alongside Georgia's inaugural credit fund, has successfully distributed all 30,000,000 of its shares to investors. This milestone was highlighted during a panel discussion at an international capital market conference, which focused on the future of asset management in Georgia.

Initiated in 2022 and aligning with Georgia's 2020 Investment Funds Law, TBC's asset management and its diversified credit portfolio are under the regulatory supervision of the National Bank of Georgia. The fund’s approach centers on investing in a secure, cross-sector, and diversified loan portfolio from leading corporate clients, promising bi-annual profit distributions to its investors. By the close of 2023, the fund had achieved an annual return rate of 10.41% in USD for its investors.

In an environment where global interest rates are climbing, the bond market has grown increasingly appealing to investors. The introduction of this credit fund by TBC Asset Management arrived at an opportune moment, offering Georgian investors a novel and innovative investment avenue. The fund’s solid performance in 2023, along with TBC asset management's robust corporate governance and its commitment to timely and transparent reporting, has bolstered investor confidence and interest.

Looking ahead, TBC Asset Management plans to develop additional investment fund types tailored to the varied needs of different investor segments. These initiatives are expected to invigorate the securities market further.