Posted: 4 years ago

TBC: All Members of Our Team, 7,500 Employees Continue Operation in Safe Environment

Reducing commission costs, promotion of online education, assistance for the elder, expansion of digital technologies, digitalizing various services – TBC Bank’s new platform #tbcforyou covers all these directions and it combines TBC-initiated projects to foster the Georgian population and cushion the coronavirus-generated damages.

In her interview for Business Partner, TBC branding and marketing director Nino Egadze discussed the program implementation phases and timeframes.

“As a commercial bank, today we are making huge concessions and showing social responsibility. In the new reality, everything depends on how we succeed in transformation process and on how long these developments last. The program of preferences was offered for a period of 3 months. As for social part, we will do our best to apply long-term instruments and long-term assistance package. Over the past 5 years, the concept of digitalization has become an everyday priority and strategic task for TBC. It was not easy to think about all these aspects in advance and in the regime of future prospects. 95% of our transactions used to run in digital mode and over the past months, the transformation process has been enhanced and accelerated.

Distancing requires well-advised human engagement, disposition and corresponding attitude to the consumer. There are digital services that may be unacceptable for this or that segment and they are refined and improved and the technological progress proceeds in continuous regime”, Nino Egadze said.

At the first stage, businesses that lost everyday incomes were mobilized. Business sector showed active engagement in terms of registration process, but the donation process proceeds slowly, she said.

TBC Bank’s priority is to care for citizens and business and its own personnel. More than 7,500 employees of the Bank continue operation in safe environment, Nino Egadze pointed out.

“We believe that the most important thing is to ensure safe environment and services for our clients and personnel. Our 7.500 employees continue operation in absolutely safe environment; 40% of them are working in digital mode, while another part, abiding by special recommendations, remains on the frontline to provide continuous banking services. We understand very well that this will not be s short-term process. Therefore, it is important to take adequate decisions for the present and the tomorrow to promote the business sector.

#tbcforyou is a program that encompasses all the components that TBC as the organization and company is to provide on behalf of its team and the whole country, starting from digital transformation ending with promotion of business and ordinary citizens and maintaining our team – this is the greatest responsibility at this stage”, Nino Egadze noted.