Posted: 2 years ago

Silk Road Bank has Increased Lending to ₾16 Million

Silk Road Bank has increased lending to GEL 16 million. The share of foreign currency loans in the loan portfolio does not exceed 10.5%.

In January-February, loans in foreign currency decreased by 2 million GEL (01.01.2022 - 3.6 million).

The bank's deposit portfolio has increased. As of March 1, it exceeds GEL 12.8 million, of which GEL 6.8 million falls on foreign currency deposits (January 1, 2022 - GEL 9.5 million).

The bank lost a small amount of GEL 100,000 in February (₾254,000 in January) and a loss of up to GEL 340 million as of March 1. The bank ranks last with a market share of 0.14%.