Posted: 4 days ago

Shares of Georgian Companies Plunge on London Stock Exchange

The prices of shares of Georgian companies on the London Stock Exchange are falling. As a result of today’s trading, the values of shares of Bank of Georgia, TBC PLC, and Georgia Capital have decreased.

As of 13:30 Tbilisi time:

  • The price of Bank of Georgia (BGEO) shares decreased by 12.18%, with the current value of one share at £41.45. The company’s market capitalization is now £2.138 billion.
  • The value of TBC PLC shares fell by 9.32%, with each share now worth £26.75. The company’s market capitalization currently stands at £1.634 billion.
  • Shares of Georgia Capital (CGEO) decreased by 6.48%, with the price per share now at £10.10. The company’s market capitalization is currently £460.8 million.