Posted: 3 years ago

Nika Kurdiani: TBC Team Uses New Opportunities and Overcomes Barriers

TBC Bank has obtained a license for operation in Uzbekistan. This is a rare positive case amid the lockdown –TBC Bank’s deputy director-general Nikoloz Kurdiani noted in TBC UZ Facebook live.

TBC Team has used the new opportunities and overcome barriers, he said. “First, we will staff the team. We select staff very carefully and cautiously”, Kurdiani noted.

As for the most in-demand products of TBC UZ, Kurdiani noted that the bank has introduced diverse banking products in the region and all products are very popular. TBC opened its first branch in Uzbekistan in the summer of 2020. Based on digital services, the Bank will serve customers via an online platform, SPACE, while modern and high-technology branches will communicate with customers to solve their needs. This year TBC UZ plans to introduce several new services and products, current and saving accounts, loans secured by cash and salaries, cards, mobile banking, money transfer and transactions, POS terminal services at trade outlets.