Posted: 7 months ago

Nika Kurdiani Takes Charge of TBC Bank's International Expansion

After serving as Deputy General Director of TBC for nine years, Nika Kurdiani is taking on a new role as head of TBC Bank's international expansion starting from May 1.

Despite leaving his previous position, he will remain a member of TBC Bank Group PLC's executive committee. Kurdiani is planning to leverage his past experiences of working and living abroad for 10 years in international markets to help TBC expand. As TBC's new CEO of Space International, Kurdiani is focusing on Uzbekistan as its largest international project, where TBC Bank has 12-13 million registered customers across three companies. He aims to turn TBC into an international financial institution and has set the goal of having five million active users outside of Georgia by the end of 2025.

TBC's Uzbekistan success story has given the team confidence and has allowed for the registration of millions of users in a short period, which will help TBC expand to new markets. Kurdiani credits TBC's success in Uzbekistan to its business model, which is purely digital and non-capital intensive, and its effective digital marketing. For international expansion, Kurdiani plans to progress further in Uzbekistan and enter a new country in 2025, while keeping TBC's digital-first approach intact. His ultimate goal is to create a Georgian and international banking service that people will remember positively in years to come.