Posted: 1 year ago

Nika Kurdiani Named One of Top Three SME Bankers in the World

Efma (European Finance and Marketing Association) and MasterCard revealed the SME Banker of the Year at an online awards ceremony. TBC Deputy General Director Nika Kurdiani was named one of the top three SME bankers in the world.

In the nomination of the best SME banker of the year, a total of 7 finalists were nominated from the world's leading banks. TBC competed with such large financial institutions as Barclays UK, Banco Itau Brazil, Swedband Sweden, Royal Bank of Canada and others.

Inspirational bankers from around the world were selected according to their activities in the field of SME banking, among the criteria were the introduction of innovations, new initiatives to support small and medium-sized businesses, business results, bank size, market share, etc. The awards were presented to the most innovative players in the world SME industry, therefore, this recognition will help institutions to emerge as global innovation leaders.

"The winners have the highest credibility and legitimacy, because they were selected on the principle of universal voting in their countries. These awards recognize the outstanding contribution we make to their owners in supporting small and medium-sized businesses, ”said Lukas Juroska, Efma SME Program Director.

Nika Kurdiani has been leading small and medium business in TBC since 2015. Prior to that he held various positions in the UniCredit Group in Austria, Turkey and Kazakhstan. He currently heads TBC Payments and Marketing and the international digital banking platform Space. He is also the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TBC Uzbekistan.