Posted: 3 weeks ago

Net Profit of Georgian Banks Declines

In February 2019, Georgian commercial banks made a profit of $ 55.7 million, which is 34.2 million less than in the same period of 2018.

According to the National Bank of Georgia(NBG), the net loss of banks amounted to GEL 90 million, profit- GEL 324, 4 million, expenses – GEL  261, 4 million.

Apart from that, in February 2019 banks earned  GEL 4, 6 million from fines, from currency exchange operations- GEL 17, 5 million, GEL 26, 2 million – in commissions.

In February, commercial banks paid GEL 7.2 million in the form of profits tax to the budget,  the net profit of banks amounted to GEL 91,1 7 million.