Posted: 2 years ago

NBG Starts Selling Collectible Coins of David The Builder and King Tamar

The National Bank of Georgia is launching a collection of collectible coins on the themes of David the Builder and King Tamar as part of the "Kings of Georgia" series of collectible coins.

Gold and silver collectible coins have a denomination of 5 GEL.

The sketches for David and Tamar coins were selected through an open competition and they were prepared by Nita Gongadze.

Coins of David and Tamar were minted in the Lithuanian Mint - silver coins - 3000, and gold coins - 500. The price of silver coins is 110 GEL, gold coins - 1500 GEL.

Given the epidemiology in the country, coins can be purchased only through the online store of the National Bank of Georgia Money Museum.

"In order to make the coins available to more interested people, they will be sold in a limited way - one customer can buy no more than one gold and one silver coin," the National Bank explained.