Posted: 4 years ago

Memorandum of Understanding Signed between Liberty Bank and Evex Clinics

As of today, Liberty Social Cardholders will receive up to 50% off outpatient and dental services across the Evex Clinic network throughout Georgia.

As part of the unprecedented scale of joint social responsibility at Liberty and Evex Clinics, social cardholders, including retirees, will benefit from the highest discounts specifically designed for outpatient and dental services.

The service is available in 6 Evex Clinics in 6 regions of Georgia and in the New Dentist dental offices in the network. The project covers discounts on echoscopy, computed tomography, other radiological, laboratory studies and dental services.

“Along with our partners within the social responsibility program, we have already implemented numerous large-scale projects. As a result, our customers, especially retirees, enjoy a variety of privileged services and conditions throughout the country.

We hope that in collaboration with the Evex Clinic Network, health care will be made accessible to those who need it most, 'said Vasil Khodeli, Liberty's CEO.

“A very important agreement was signed today. We are pleased that Evex Clinics has been involved in the Liberty Social Responsibility Program. Within the framework of the project, we offered Liberty Bank social cardholders an unprecedented discount on outpatient and dental services at Evex Clinics. Evex Clinics is constantly striving to instill a culture of disease screening, early detection, regular monitoring, and this project is another step forward in this direction, ”said Giorgi Gordadze, Director of Evex Clinics.