Posted: 2 years ago

Liberty Bank Continues to Support Small Family Houses and Shelters

Today, a Memorandum was signed between Liberty Bank and the LEPL Agency For State Care And Assistance For the (Statutory) Victims of Human trafficking.

Under the Memorandum, Liberty continues to be an outstanding partner of the agency and carries on to do the work stated years ago, to reimburse the utility costs of 54 small family-type houses and day shelters for homeless children across the country throughout the year under the #Libertigulit social responsibility program.

Liberty Bank fully finances the electricity and natural gas bills consumed by the state-run small family houses and day shelters for homeless children, amounting to GEL 500,000 throughout the year.

As of January 2021, 278 children in state care live in small family-type houses, including 56 persons with disabilities. 168 children living on the streets receive daily services at homeless shelters and day care centers.

"Support and assistance to the public sector by the private sector underlines the company's high social responsibility, especially when it comes to providing electricity and natural gas to family-type houses and shelters for children and the elderly in state care, and reimbursement of utility bills.

The partnership with the Agency has been going on for years, also, the proper implementation of the agreement is exemplary. Liberty has proven that it is actively involved in the development of the community, is a responsible company and the greatest is their help, for which we would like to thank them once again."Director of the Agency for State Care and Assistance For the (Statutory) Victims of Human trafficking, Meri Maghlaperidze.

"Our support for small family houses and shelters for homeless children is not limited to just reimbursing utility bills.

Last year, the whole country faced special challenges and taking care of the health and safety of our fellow citizens became the priority. It is for this purpose that we launched the Social Responsibility Program #Libertigulit, under which, among other large-scale projects, we supported shelters with products and medicines throughout the year.

Also, we got involved in various volunteering activities to alleviate the isolation period for the beneficiaries of these houses. We strive to do our work heartily and always be where it is needed the most.” Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Bank, Vasil Khodeli.