Posted: 4 months ago

Liberty Bank Concludes Deals on 806 million Shares at GSE

At the Georgian Stock Exchange (GSE) exchange trading sessions, deals were made on 79 000 GEL-denominated shares of Liberty Bank.

The average weighted price per share made up 0.3-0.35 GEL and total value of the deals constituted 2690 GEL.

As to off-exchange trade sessions, deals were made on 806 million shares of Liberty Bank and total value of the deals made up 17 million GEL.

More companies have taken part in deals on USD-denominated deals: JSC Lisi Lake Development, Nikora, Georgian Leasing Company, JSC TBC Bank and LLC m2 Commercial Properties. In whole, deals were made on about 2000 shares worth 5.608 million USD.

As to London Stock Exchange (LSE), according to Galt&Taggart, 3 Georgian companies of 4 enlisted ones, finished the previous week in losses. Deals were made on 166 000 shares of Bank of Georgia worth 2.252 million GBP. Deals were made on 238 000 shares of Georgia Capital worth 2.4 million GBP. Deals were made on 65 000 shares of Georgian Health Group (GHG) worth 137 000 GBP and deals were made on 173 000 shares of TBC Bank worth 2.148 million GBP.

The major slowdown was recorded on GHG shares and the price per share equaled to about 2 GBP. BOG share costs 13.3 GBP, TBC Bank – 12.2 GBP, Georgian Capital – 10 GBP. TBC is valued at 671 million GBP, Bank of Georgia – 653 million GBP, Georgia Capital – 372 million GBP and GHG - 268 million GBP.